How to care for your flowers

Flowers that last begin with proper care...

Did you know one of the most commonly asked flower questions is, "How can I make my flowers last longer?"

It makes sense, right? You've just received the most amazing bouquet. It's lush and effortlessly gorgeous, but as your excitement wears off you begin to remember the fleeting nature of its beauty. We all know all good things must come to an end (*us waving goodbye to dahlia's at the end of their season*), so let's squeeze as much goodness out of it as we can!

It means a lot to us that your flower last to their fullest potential, after all we worked so hard to craft that stunna specially for you. Here are a few instructions on how to help your flowers last their longest.

Hand-Tied Bouquet

Gently unwrap your flowers and remove them from the vessel (if applicable). We believe flowers look best when they rest just above the lip of the vessel. Place your flowers in the vessel and trim at angle. Replace the water every two days.remove flowers as they wilt. *

Vase Arrangement

Upon receipt unwrap and top-off your vase with cool water by gently finding an opening to the side or center of the vessel. Replace the water every two days by running cool water into the vase, allowing it to cycle through until the water is clear. Trim the stems 1/2in and remove flowers as they wilt. *

* It's important to note that flowers should be kept away from drafts, heating sources and direct light for longevity. If you're having any issues with your flowers, please reach out by phone, email or dm and we'll be happy to make it right.